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Services Offered


Assisted Day Services:  practical experience working for others through supervised employment/volunteerism

Job Placement/Coaching:  assisting with finding a job and learning how to perform to employer standards

Assisted Residential Services:  training in activities of daily living in a home operated by Envisions, Inc.  Up to three persons live together, each with a private bedroom;  the house is staffed 24-hours

Supported Residential Services:  intermittent habilitation/supervision for a person living in his/her own apartment or with the family of origin

Work Stations in Industry: Habilitation/supervision in a competitive work environment.

Assisted Day Services



Envisions focuses on community involvement. We help provide positive, practical experience working for others through supervised volunteerism.

Equine Therapy Program


Equine therapy gives people with Developmental Disabilities a sense of themselves, their bodies, and increased contact and interaction with the surrounding world. Their self-confidence is greatly increased and they form a sense of ability by learning how to interact and work with their horse. The attachments and relationships they build with the horses they ride, and this behavior, is then expanded to include trainers, therapists, and family members.



Extended Family Home


We are looking for caring families that want to open their homes to individuals to help support and assist them in learning daily living skills.


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Job Placement/Coaching


Envisions will support and assist job seekers to discover their skills and attributes to succeed in their chosen gainful career path, while supporting and building confidence to be independent and successful in employment in collaboration with the business community.

Assisted Residential Services


Habilitation through skilled and behavior

programs. Individuals are assisted in learning daily living skills. Each resident has their own bedroom and 24 hour staffing is provided. Individuals are socially active in the community through regular outings.

Supported Residential

Intermittent supervision and support for persons living in their own residence.​

Work Stations in Industry

Habilitation/supervision in a competitive work environment.