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Provide adults living with disabilities the chance to develop initiative and leadership skills, serve their community, be part of society and show others they have dignity and are valued citizens.


Values are the beliefs that guide you and your club in the projects and activities you do. They include doing the right thing; beings able to listen, communicate and lead others; welcoming the differences in people and being concerned about others.



Objects are the things Aktion Club members do that make them special. They include paying attention to people and their needs, not material things; treating others as you would like to be treated; behaving well and being a good citizen.


I pledge on my honor to follow the Objects of Aktion Club; to better my community, my country and myself; to help those in need, and to encourage everyone to get along.


About Aktion Club

Aktion Club is the newest member of the Sponsored Organizations and programs at Kiwanis International.

Aktion Club is a community- service group for adult citizens how live with a disability.

Aktion Club member strive to return to their communities the benefits, help and caring they have received, as well as develop important skills in the process.

The Benefits of Being a Members

An Aktion Club can benefits its member in many ways, through service and recreational events. These activities enable the members to:

• Participate in the active life of their community.

•Provide an opportunity to contribute to the community.

• Develop mechanical, creative, and intellectual abilities as well as leadership skills.

• Social interaction awareness.

• Improve self-esteem.

• Achieve personal and service goals.



The Objects of Aktion Club

•To give primacy to the human and spiritual, rather than to the material values of life.

•To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships.

•To promote the adoption and application of higher social, business, and professional standards.

•To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent , aggressive, and serviceable citizenship.

•To provide a practical means to form enduring friendship, to render unselfish service, and to build better communities.

•To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism, which makes possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism, and goodwill.


Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteer

dedicated to changing the world one child and

one community at a time.



•To provide quality habilitation services to children and adults who experience developmental disabilities.  Every person served deserves the best treatment possible within current philosophy and technology.

•To promote the civic and moral rights of each person served and to educate on responsible exercise of these rights.

•To foster each person’s intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth.

•To create linkages between each person and their community through employment and volunteerism.


Envisions contracts with the State of Nebraska through

State Service Coordination

Omaha Office (402) 595-2700

Papillion Office (402) 595-1394

Plattsmouth office (402) 298-7142


•Assisted Day Services:  practical experience working for others through supervised employment/volunteerism


•Job Placement/Coaching:  assisting with finding a job and learning how to perform to employer standards


•Assisted Residential Services:  training in activities of daily living in a home operated by Envisions, Inc.  Up to three persons live together, each with a private bedroom;  the house is staffed 24-hours


•Supported Residential Services:  intermittent habilitation/supervision for a person living in his/her own apartment or with the family of origin


•Work Stations in Industry: Habilitation/supervision in a competitive work environment.







Aktion Club